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Weimo's self-propelled vehicle will give results in 2030

December 09, 2018

Weimo has been conducting automated vehicle tests for several years. The company will now hire a customer in Phoenix Autonomous Taxi Examination from some clients. It is said that Oymo's automated taxi will compete with Uber and lift - CNBC News.
In addition to bringing more cars to more places, Wiimo could also license their maps and auto car operating systems.
Intel released a survey in June last year. It says that by the year 2035, self-driving cars will earn about 80 billion US dollars. This time UBS has given the idea of ​​only Wiemo income through robotic services.

Currently operating in a self-propelled vehicle project, most of the world's topmost companies are working. But the race is still a bit ahead of Weimo. Although the self-owned taxi service starts on the hay, the company will still be able to provide support for the safety.
According to UBS, the current market price of Weimo is $ 2500 to 13 billion US dollars. Morgan Stanley Weimo's market value was estimated at $ 45 billion in August this year. It was reported that the value could reach US $ 17,500 million.

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