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Let's learn about the top 10 techblog

December 27, 2018

about the top 10 techblog

Here are some techblog sites where the latest tech news updates are updated in minutes. Detailed updates on mobile, computer and gadgets are available on these techblog sites. If you know English fairly well, these people will be able to visit them.

1. Wired.com -

This is one of the biggest tech magazines in the United States. The best in the virtual world as a resource for technology. Gadgets, mobile to cars, entertainment and even the news of politics is not excluded! The writers write down as well as the general writers write it down.
Let's learn about the top 10 techblog

2. Mashable
Send whateveI think there are very few people who don't know this site. This is an all- round site with posts from social media, technology and the web culture. Mashhad is one of the top sites in which professionals as well as many common man visitors are listed. So this isn't a pr

3. CNET Blogs -

This website is known worldwide as the location for millions of users. Direct consumer reviews are quite efficiently available on this site. This site contains over 40 + items, along with other authors. All products can be obtained from here, including Apple, Android, Robotics, Gaming, Digital Media and Health. If you want to know the interesting fun of the technology, this blog is for you. 

4.   NY Times' Bits Blog -
This site is well known for the cover of the NY Times, Tech Leader like Google, Apple, Enterprise Technology, Government Policy and the Internet, as well as how our work and life are changing every day. Posts here are a modern technology idea, and content can also be understood.

Tech Talk, listen to the Podcast shown above the To  click here .
5. Motherboard -
This website's look will surprise you with a word. The site's design is like me. Motherboard technology is focused, but there are other questions as well. Here you'll know the unique, well- written technology post and many news you didn't expect. There is also video room on this site .
6. Techi -
There will be a lot of interesting tech news and tech news on this website. If you visit this site with the interesting technological aspects, you can understand that technology is the best entertainment option rather than woodworking.

7. All Facebook -

Hope to see and understand the name of the site. This site could be perfect for the latest Facebook news. You can find out which apps most people use or find out that the social giant is heading towards them at the moment.

8. CNN.com Tech -

Everybody knows about the news from CNN, they always pre- release the current news. And their online technical division is very informative. Most news here is computer, internet and technological innovation that can be easily entered.

9.  Digital Trends -

Tech news, entertainment news, wars in design. This site shows the hottest technological news of the day. Reviews, updates and more information on tutorial details. Check out the rest.

10. Bangla Tech Site

After so long learning about the English tech site. Now let's know about Bengali technology sites.


As you can read this post, you 're on this website now . There is nothing in detail to say. You know yourself, I hope. Tutorials can be found here with tech news.

Techtunes :

The tech giant site in the Bangladesh blog world is the dominant techtunes. All Bangla technology sites have been known as the best sites since 2008. Find here posts on all topics. Texpress currently ranks number 10 in the rank of Elixa Bangladesh's site.

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