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Songs will be heard in the sunglasses !

December 08, 2018
The market has a fantastic sunglasses .Songs will be heard with sunglasses. Calling someone or phone reception can only be done in sunglasses. Bose, the famous gadget maker, is going to bring such sunglasses to the market.

Songs will be heard in the sunglasses!

How will this 'smart' sunglasses work? It has been claimed by Bose that not only listening to music or calling, this sunglasses can also be used by virtual assistants of different organizations. It can easily be directed to platforms like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, through this sunglasses.
For now, this sunglasses are available in waferas and slightly round shaped frames. Within 45 grams, its weight will be there. UV-blocking systems will also be used to prevent harmful solar radiation in this sunglasses.However, these sunglasses will be charged for use. Once charged, it will run for 12 hours.
At the beginning of 2019, this sunglasses will come in the market, says Bose. Already in advance, booking in advance has begun in many places in America. A sunglasses will cost about US $ 199 (16 thousand 651).Source: Gadget Nou and Anandabazar.

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