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Chain Rule [ Part-02]:: start a payment for Nutshell e- commerce to succeed on the Internet

December 28, 2018

E-commerce Benefit: In fact, the range of e-commerce variances is endless and their dynamism and demand are increasing day by day, and there is no doubt that they will increase. has only become the name of one website, it is now a World Fame brand, and if you want to start your e-commerce curriculum on a small scale. It is also indirectly linked to externalization and self - employment (Think With Their Commonsense).

Today, the idea of starting a free e- commerce business does not depend on success because " success is not fortunate to have a handwritten hand." How is e- commerce going?

If you want, you can offer an online virtual shopping center from which the public buys and the profits go to your pocket. Contact money will at least not be less when you are a virtual shop, at least for shop rent. Basically, virtual shops say I 'm about to sell your product on a website... Answer straight. Is the website not costing money? Of course, the purchase of a domain and hosting will make the site again, then you have to buy and develop?
Chain Rule [ Part-02]:: start a payment for Nutshell e- commerce to succeed on the Internet

We can therefore choose the subdomain to do some free things and you can choose a blogger to avoid hesitation, setup hesitation. First of all,[ Skip the link in the middle] go to the website and sign up for your Gmail, create a free blog site, the diameter work is done! How to make centers for shopping?

First of all you have to download two files X and Y [X download link and download link] Then you Go to your blog's Theme Options> Go Backup & Restore> then upload the downloaded X file; Build your shopping center in diameter.  And yes, in the mobile version, click on the Settings icon to make it in desktop mode, then Anf!  How to do website mentorship? 
You can get all the instructions for managing your website or blog in your downloaded y file. From there you can choose the color of your website, how to upload a product post, how to add a payment, how to add a social page plugin, etc.

It's a very easy menu system you can do manually. And how to remove the Sora template in the site below? You will have to buy a paid template for this, but since I said " free, " you can edit HTML code and edit it if you have coding skills. What does money need to be spent? What's gon na be in the mall?
You can make your product here, add it to the customer's cart, set prices with photos, add product details, add payment system, create a dynamic standard shopping centre. Where are you going to get the customer? Here are your website visitors, so you can do SEO, and since Blogger is a SEO product, SEO is the only thing you can do with a link to a link. Blogger is a subdomain, how do you feel about seeing? If you want, you're free of charge. tk[ Eviting Space] Domain registry and then forward the link to get it is a domain? Low domain lobel?! Hey Bapu, Bapu... Want the best public service so if your shopping site is good then it's low for low label, it's going to satisfy high demand. If I don't purchase the product?
Today, after you have paid for many sites and delivered the product, you can buy the product from the buyer's money and deliver it. The remainder is your income. It is important, however, to be compatible with computing and reputational contexts with smarter and more compilation, since repatriation is all to be done. Nothing's better than that?
If you are a bit embarrassed about such a deal, there are many high - end internet shopping centers / shops that will give you a dividend as opposed to selling their products, you will only advertise your site and your income will be the same as your income from there. Have you more magic to make money? If you don't sell your site, you don't have the revenue, are you going to finger the finger all day? You can also earn money from visitors if you want Google Adsense on your website.
And if Google doesn't give it to Adsense, chitika or revival hits will occur. How much revenue can you earn?

You may not be a millionaire in one day, but you can go to Khulna Symim Ali's father if you try hard work and devotion! Demo Koi? Demo Koi? Now I've said so much, but if I ca n't see the demo, only a shop made from ca n't be seen.( not just design or order of the site was created) Finality: is it outsourcing again? Well, it's okay to know if the Internet outsources income, what does the Fananarara Facebook do again? Allah hafiz

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