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Neonabati [Part-01] :: Do not go abroad and earn money from the Internet and make a successful life by becoming self-reliant [Megottian]

December 12, 2018
Most  people imagine that if foreigners go to be the owner of huge money, it is partly true because foreigners return to foreign countries in the traditional Bengali means that the millionaire is not the whole thing. But there are two truths hidden here: (1) You can also be a lower sweeper in your work style abroad (2) There is less work but less work is not less.

Now you might think that the work is done in the pot-methar-what comes on the sweeper? Why did you not stay in the job of a sweeper? 
Again, if you think that foreign swipper comes to you because no one is coming to know the country, do not you? 
But the respected object is not dependent on the time of division, it will not return to life even if it is self-respect, so respect the action but do not forget to maintain self-respect.
Usually migrate from Bangladesh to Malaysia or Saudi Arabia, Canada or America, it will take at least 1.5 lakh taka because the visa-passport and the brokerage brokerage millions of rupees flee from the pockets! 
Now, to manage this 1.5 lakh, you may not be able to mortgage or sell the land, house or loan?
Hopefully, for the talk you went abroad by spending 1.5 lakhs and it will take at least 1 year to earn the money. If you earn 1.5 lakhs by working hard for 1 year then it will only cost the cost of that foreign trip and the rest of the time that income is the profit. 
Now I ask you two questions. 
(1) Did you not take the time to earn this 1.5 lakhs? Did not you work Then where is the value of labor? That 1.5 lakhs of money has been given to you in the cost of long ago, how did you get the value of time and labor? 
(2) For the rest of the time you may think that you will earn a lot of money but for some reason if it is not possible, such as visa complications or any accident (not Allah) then what to do?
You might say, if you did not go abroad, then you could not earn the money in the country's job, did not you? 
This is a wrong thing because you do not have to work hard to earn money. If you can not believe it, you will be an idol of all your life, there is no difference between foreign bulls and domestic bulls. 
You may see that Bangladeshi big-ticket bureaucrats or officers, but they only sign a million rupees concept, but they do not earn money on sacks of head, then why not you? 
You may think again that they are very educated, so they have such improvement but the fact is that most of the wealthy people are not an astrologer but rather they are sharp intellectuals.
Earn money abroad:
You might be a foreigner in the realm, are there any surprises like a mine or money tree? It is also in Bangladesh that is in foreign countries, but the difference is the value of evaluation of the work in Bangladesh. 
You can travel abroad from the country without any passport / visa, it is also free! Even if you want to earn foreign money in the country, it is possible only on the internet. This is that I am tune in from the end of the horizon and you can read it now, because of the Internet, it is possible because it is possible on the internet Impossible = I am Possible that is possible when you can make yourself very suitable.
Start Online Income: The first thing you need to start
online income is knowledge and patience, dedication and devotion to achieve it. 
Online Income or Outsourcing is a Free Occupation, so there is no obligation to deal with jobs and you can earn according to your qualifications and skills, depending on the number of months you can be tempted to do it. If you do not believe Google search, try a successful freelancer's income. Authenticity].
What jobs are available online? 
Although there is no type of activity or limitation available online, you can earn online from the following categories: 
Adsense [Originally Arning for advertising by Google on your website] 
★ Social Marketing, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing 
★ Article Writing, Content Writing, Report-Review 
★ Web Development 
★ Web Design 
★ Developing Software 
★ Graphics-Design 
★ Crypto Trading & Cryptocarrency 
★ Freelancing
How to start work? 
The first thing you need to do is acquire knowledge because you know Knowledge URA Big Zero. But to learn outsourcing you do not need to be highly educated, but if you are trying and earning, a less educated person can also be successful in online income. 
What you want to learn, will depend on you. Suppose you are interested in learning websites and learning about developments, first of all, you need to know about domain name, hosting key, how to set up domain, C panel key, mysql database, how to keep website free from variance Go, how the website is secured, etc. 
Again if you want to learn Owen designs, you must know website templates, HTML, CC, CC plus coding.

Who teaches you work? 
As you work on the Internet, accept the internet as your teacher, because only Google can help you selflessly. What you want to learn is that you can search and search the Google search and practice it as well as good self-education. If you get stuck in the first place, you will forget about the time of learning and the start of interest. 
If you want to get an outsourcing course from a trusted organization, the truth is that most of the courses are meant to earn money from you, whether you have learned something in the past or if you show them the way to earn income from it in the future, then they are thorai care. Be careful!
Still, I will try, after continuously giving outsourcing tutorials, you will be able to make yourself try to succeed in real online income, but the task of learning is yours and your brain's responsibility!

Where do you work? 
There is no lack of work on the Internet, and there is no lack of work space, but you can choose Freelancer, Odesk from the point of view of greatness. Other companies also offer their work on their official website. 
You can also earn from Content Writing or Article Writing to make an independent Enamap itself. In exchange for just one writing, you can earn lakhs of truthful website that is on the internet!
FINALIST: Success in online income depends on your own effort, hard work, honesty, devotion and concentration. So if you start learning today, tomorrow you may be able to become a Successful Celebrity! 
Do not waste time on destiny, do not waste time and start your own life and career, start today, if you do not get anybody else beside me, Promise!

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