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Mosquito mosquitoes will kill Google 2019

December 08, 2018

Mosquito mosquitoes will kill Google

Google's original organization 'Alfabet' will be destroyed by mosquito mosquitoes. Dengue and Chikungunya fever will be eliminated.
As the beauty spell in the war ensnares the secret army of the army, as well as chikunagunia and dengue poisonous 'raptous' female mosquitoes will be dragged forward to make Google's preferred 'choice' male mosquitoes. The temptation of normal union will be shown.
The 'gigantic' wife mosquitoes do not even know, the men who like the mosquitoes, whom they have met, have been inserted into the body of the male mosquitoes by the Google scientists, a bacterium of 'Ulbachia' species. That is, the wife gives birth to mosquitoes. As a result, after marriage, the wife will not be able to spray mosquitoes and eggs. So mosquito breeding will not grow. The mosquito breeding does not take much time to destroy. As a result, all areas of dengue and chikunguniyara like 'Aedes Egyptite' species are also susceptible to the spread of horrific diseases and spreading rapidly.
Mosquito mosquitoes will kill Google 2019

The biological scientists of 'Virili Life Science

another unit of Google's parent organization 'Alfabet', have invented this innovative method of killing mosquitoes with a mosquito trap, Their invented methods have also been examined in Fresno County in southern California. In this way, scientists hope that mosquito-borne diseases can be eliminated in the world.
The agency spokesman Kathleen Parks said that around 80,000 people mosquitoes fed mosquitoes in a huge bush (Ulbachia) in the body, spreading from a tub of a large area of ​​Fresno County to the jungle and the local population to run a high Mercedes van. Those who came near the tension and the girl in the whole area was completely barren after the mixing of the mosquito.
Scientists at the laboratory insert 'Ulbachia' species into the body of the male mosquito. Even after removing a particular tube from their tubers with poisonous mice, they had an eye on them with laser rays before the 'war' was over.
They claim that the mosquito-borne mosquitoes of Dengue and Chikungunya can be destroyed at the lowest possible cost and at the lowest cost. Source: Anand Bazar.

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