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Xposed Installer

October 17, 2018
Xposed Installer

Xposed Installer


The current popular mobile operating system And because of the open source, its mode / change can be done by everyone. Through this series I will be informed about the process, steps and various tricks of the newcomers working properly. So hopefully stay there. 
Before that, let's know a step that everyone should know. If you work in this step, do not have to run in customer care (I think) 

Root> Xposed> Custom Recovery> Backup of Stock ROM> Firmware Backup (Optional)> New ROM Port> New ROM. 

These steps in this series will be very well known. Many people may express different opinions about these steps: For the sake of their purpose I have reduced many more things by skipping / excluding.
Today's third episode of the series. And this episode is about Xposed Installer and its installation process. If you have any questions then you can contact on tumment and facebook
So let's get started.

First word

I'm tired of being very busy even though. It is normal to have a misunderstanding. I can not answer the answers to many questions. 
Today, my custom recovery should be discussed. Still tuned with Xposed. After that custom Recovery will then go to the Xposed module. I hope you can understand.

Xposed Installer:

Is it generally known to everyone. Even if you do not know it, it's a "module runner" which allows you to run different modules on your phone. And customize the phone to free the risk, customize different apps, and drive the phone to speed. Which will be issued continuously. The Xposed Installer does not have any work on the phone until you use the module. It's like a bridge. If it's on the river, do not work until you walk on it. 
If you are new to the root operation and want to work free of the RISK, then all of you will talk about using Xposed.

Xposed Installation Method

Installation methods are generally two types. 
1. Somehow the Android KitKat. 
2. Another type of lollipop to the above version.

1. Up to kitkat

This version is very easy to install Xposed. 
Download from Official Site. So always get the update tie. Install it like a normal app and open it. Click Framework. Then click Install / Update. Root permissions will be asked. Permission Day / Grant please. If you are successful, please reboot your phone. The installation was done in the compilation.

2. Lollipop from above

For this, you need to have a custom recovery on your phone. (The next custom recovery will take place) If the procedure is different then it is very straightforward. Download Flashable Zip from this link . 
Android 5.0 = sdk 21 
Android 5.1 = sdk 22 
Android 6.0 = sdk 23 
Download according to the phone model. 
Go to Custom Recovery. Flush the flashable zip file from there. If you are successful, please reboot your phone. Take the time to open the battery for the first time and open the battery again. Your Xposed has been installed.

Last word

Those who are using the Lollipop or their upgrade version, think they should discuss with a custom recovery beforehand. But if you know about a custom recovery by doing a little bit in Google, you will be better understood in my next tune. So little google search, learn about custom recovery.