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Worried about the search engine ranking factor - Take Ranking Factor Problem Solving

October 16, 2018
Backlinks are talked about when it comes to search engine optimization or  search engine ranking factor . Google uncle and other search engines are ranking factor for backlinks and keeps a close eye on. If you have read Google's Privacy Policy page, they will say - We do not care about quantity, we just care about quality. In pure Bangla language - they do not look at anything at all. No matter how high your backlink amount is, if the backlinks are not unique or the quality is bad, then there will be no cost. Inverted, your blog or website will be damaged.
How to get a better quality backlink?
How to get a better quality backlink?
How to get a better quality backlink?
There was a time, page rank and search rank could have been increased if there were some backlinks and some articles. There are currently not all those days. You need to get Relevant Backlink for your blog or website. Not only you, you can not even create your backlink. You have to create a backlink in a natural way.
Relative Backlink:
Think you have a blog "Technology Blog". So, you have to find other Technology Blogs. You can also search by searching or by code. See the code below
“Technology News” site:.gov inurl:blog “post a comment”
Give your ward the place of "Technology News" above. And change all of the following.
“Technology News”” site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment”
“Technology News”” “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”
“Technology News”” “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
Save all your relay blogs as a list in an Excel file and get backlinks from those blogs, blogs, blogs etc.
Natural Backlink:
When you take backlinks from backlinks to any eqbal-tabul website or from a blog, it will not be natural. You need to create backlinks in a way that the search engines are all things being negligible. Many backlinks mean that it is no longer in many ranks. If you create 7 to 10 backlinks a day, then you will get good rankings. However, all backlinks must be natural and relayed.
On the same day, if you try to backlink 70/80, search engines will understand that the quality of your site is bad and you are doing it. The ranking of your website will not increase or decrease.
How to get good quality backlinks?
To get a good quality backlink, you need to submit blogs, guest blogging, forum tuning, directories. If you can use these 4 things well, you can get good quality backlinks and increase search rankings. You can use all of the above code to save all your relevant blogs to Google Drive or Excel files. You can make blogs by 6 every day. After 1 day you can blub one guest and tune up to 3 forums every day and you can arrange 3 directories. If the blog's article quality is good, then Onpage SEO is very tight, you can get good rankings.
Many think, social bookmark is done for backlinks, but no. Social bookmarking is just enough to grow.
Many people think that directory submissions are no longer useful. 😀It is a misconception. You have to make all the backlinks relevant. You can only understand if you submit to the relevant directories.
All should be relevant, otherwise neither is it?
In some cases, we get backlinks from some high ranking sites for high ranking. As you have given some websites below, you can get backlink of Page Rank 9. In these cases, backlinks are not completely relevant, but they are not relevant.
  • YouTube.com (PR9)

    • Sign in the YouTube.
    • Visit channel option
    • Edit it and add your website’s name and URL.
    • Save it and you are done.
  • Google+ (PR9)

    • Sign in the Google+.
    • Go to the About Section.
    • Edit it and add your website’s name and URL.
    • Save it and you are done.
  • Mozilla.org (PR9)

    • Sign Up for free Mozilla account.
    • Submit all the details.
    • Activate the account by clicking on the verification link in your email.
    • After activation, log in to your account and edit you profile page.
    • Add a small bio about yourself with your website’s URL.
    • That’s it and you have a dofollow backlink.
  • Adobe.com (PR9)

    • Sign up and create an account with Adobe.
    • Create a profile and enter proper data.
    • Go to Adobe Forums and post a new thread about any original looking problem along with your website’s URL.
  • TED.com (PR8)

    • Sign Up for a free account at TED.
    • Activate the account and then go to your Profile page.
    • Edit the Profile and you will find a section to insert your websites’ name and URL.
    • Enter the keywords and URL and save it.
    • Enjoy the high authority, dofollow backlink to your blog.

Hope you enjoy the article.