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What is Google AdSense? Detailed discussion

October 17, 2018

What is Google AdSense?

Adsense (English: AdSense) is a web application managed by Google. It is basically a profit-sharing project that allows users to earn money from the advertisement content used on their website. A website owner can make money by displaying Google-targeted ads on some conditionally on its site. In today's online world, this has generated huge response. Through this program, Google distributes ads for webmasters and blog owners after a third. Webmasters can earn money by displaying Google Adsense on the website Google delivers 60 to 70 percent of the money received from advertisers through webmasters.

Using Google AdSense? And Google AdSense is possible to earn?

Google Adsense is an advertising program from Google's famous search engine . There should be a web site for earning through this. It is possible to earn using Google Adsense through a free web site like Blogspot . Although Google AdSense has long recognized the world as a reliable and long-term earning method, many people have created their own website for earning money or using AdSense through the free website. Because of the absence of Google Adsense, the AdSense account has been closed because of many AdSense accounts . But those who have used correctly are earning right.
The main thing is, through Google AdSense, any kind of web site is possible to earn . The condition is that the site has to be popular. There should be plenty of visitors or traffic on the site , good content or article should be. Once the visitor enters the site and has an interest to re-enter, such content or article will be posted daily. Visitors to the site can enter and hold them, if a part of the visitors naturally click onGoogle's ads . Remember, the more visitors you have on your site, the more your earnings will increase. Every day 1000 visitorsOn entering the site, an average of 10% of the visitors click on the ads displayed in Google. It is possible to earn even more than $ 10 a day on average. That means earning $ 300 or 20000 / month is possible only through a well-publicized website. Once you start earning a site, you can create more sites on different topics. A huge doorway of online earnings will be unveiled for you. Needed is the hard work mentality
What is Google AdSense
Think of the dollar as the click of the thought, go to cyber cafe just click and click .........! Google is so stupid ! Advertisers are so stupid! Click to pay the money! No, Google will close its account by clicking Fake Click . Just click on the original dollar to get it. What is the original click, which can be found in dollars? That's the thing, since Google displays advertisements in relation to the content of the site, the visitor clicks on Google add- on as well as clicking on the site's content, the visitor clicks on the advertiser's site (in this case, the visitor did not click fake but rather on his own interest, the advertiser entered the site. That's the original click. This kind of normal clicks will earn you. Google herThe AdSense program has used technology that allows anyone to click on a fake click. Therefore, such dishonest thinking should be shaken from the head. Remember, Google Adsense is a long-term business. Its capital is planning your blogging and using it properly. Cash Capital is only a PC and only 2/3 thousand taka for domain / hosting. If you can blog correctly, you can earn enough to earn a thousand dollars a month if you can get enough visitor sites - this is not the idea, the real.
There are many platforms for blogging. The most popular among them are WordPress , Blogspot , Drupal . But if you want to create a blog easily, there is no alternative to blogspot . Blogspot is fully managed from Google, and Google is working on a platform that is not good enough to say. Blogspot is a complete blog creation site. Blogspot Google Adsense is very good to use.
Everything is okay but you may think that blogspot blogspot.com  does not like the site's domain name It's not a problem, you can set up a free domain or domain for your site if you want .