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What is Android

October 16, 2018

What is Android 

Android is a type of operating system built for smartphones , with middleware (Middleware used for easy communication between multiple applications) and some built-in applications. Android operating system is a smart mobile phone (smartphones) operating system , such as a desktop computer or a laptop computer such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux This Android operating systembrings the market to Google Some other smartphones operating systems - Nokia Symbian , Apple's iOS , Microsoft's Windows Phone etc.
What is Android

Android phone or Android device  (Android Phone or Android Mobile)

Simply put, the mobile phones that run on the Android operating system are called Android phones or Android mobile. Acer, Alcatel, Dell, Gigabyte, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Sony, Most of the major companies such as Samsung, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Vodaphone, ZTE etc. make this Android mobile. However, the Android phone of such large companies is not available in the market. So far, Android phones are available in the market of Bangladesh: Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Micromax, Symphony, Walton. In addition, some other companies are currently using mobile phones using the Android operating system. However, top of the popularity of Bangladesh, Sony, Samsung, Symphony, Walton and Micromax smartphones.

Android Apps or Android Apps  (Android Application or Android Apps)

We use different software on computer. According to the platform the software is made. For example, software created for Windows will not run on Mac or Linux. Similarly, the software designed for iPhone will not run on Android. Software, games, widgets or apps that run on Android phones or Android operating systems are Android applications or Android apps.

Android Apps Download  (Android Apps Download)

There are many Android apps download links coming to Google for "Android Apps Download". But downloading apps from all the places and installing them on your phone can be a lot of trouble, even your smartphone can be dead (damaged) for life. So knowing that you do not have to download apps from any website or link, it is better to install directly from Google Play. And find the app like your mind, from the online door guide  of the apps Corner.
To download Android free apps you will first need to login to Gmail or Google. Then go to google.com and select Google Play. From here select the category and click the Top Free button. Only those apps can be downloaded for free. However, this can be downloaded only from Android phones. This is basically not downloadable, so apps will be installed directly on your phone. The process of doing this work easily from computer is given below.

How to install Android apps from a computer  (Install Android Apps Through Computer)

  • First get the internet connection and internet connection of your phone. Both have mandatory internet connections. Internet connection can be given through mobile network or Wi-Fi on the phone. However, it is good to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi zone). Because the Internet connection of our mobile operators is very weak, the speed is low and disconnected occasionally.
  • Then you will need to log in to Gmail (Gmail) or Google (Google) from your phone. When you are logged in, do not exit (or exit if you do not do any other work on the phone).
  • Then the computer will need to login to Gmail or Google. Here's to note that you have to log in to the computer with the same account that you logged into the phone with Google or Gmail account.
  • From the browser that has logged into Google from the browser, enter google.com from that browser and click Play.
  • Select the category here and click on Top Free. Click on the app that you like, then install the green box box (INSTALL). Click the install button to see the window that appears below the device - phone (phone). Now click on the Confirm / Install button, the text will be "Congratulations! ___ (the name of the app) will be installed on your device soon. "OK here, after a few minutes you will see the app installed on your phone.
  • Here's a note that if your selected apps are not like running on your phone or those apps do not support your Android version, then when you select apps, just click the "This app is incompatible with your device" under the INSTALL button. You can
  • Thus, installing apps can save your phone's battery and save your internet browsing costs.

What is the root of Android phone (What is Root of Android?)

What is root of Android phone
What is root of Android phone 
The root word comes from the Linux operating system users. Those Linux users who have root privilege or superuser permissions are called root users. Android has been built from Linux based operating system. Root permissions on Android devices mean that the permissions for system files to be edited are rooted. It can also be said to hack the phone.

 Why Android Root is not given on Android phone?

You can wake up the question that why the phone should be "compensated" by the administrator? Why do not you want to delete a file? The answer can be given a lot like this - Phone manufacturers give you a lot of advantages but they do not give some advantages / permissions. This is done for your good. Because if you are already allowed to do so in the phone you can see that you can delete an important file, whereas you just wanted to increase your phone memory or do something else. Besides, you can make a phone brick while you are trying to customize or install ROM. There may also be a problem with the virus or malware. Because if you get root permissions you can install whatever you want, which can cause malware to enter the phone.On November 5, 2007, Open Handset Aligns introduced Broadcom Corporation, Google, HTC, Intel, LG, Marvel Technology Group, Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and Texas Instruments. The Open Handset Alliance aims to create a free mobile handset platform. On the same day, Open Handset Alliance releases Android's first product, which is based on the Linux kernel 2.6.
On December 9, 2008, 14 more new members joined ARM Holdings, Ethers Communications, Asusachke Computer Inc., Jarmin Limited, Hawaii Technologies, PacketVideo, Soft Bank, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba Corporation and Vodafone Group.

Android License  (Android License)

Android was available under the open source license until October 21, 2008. After that Google released their entire source code under the affair license. Google gives the opportunity to view and comment on their published codes. Even though the software is open, mobile builders can not use Android because no one can use it until Google certificates are copied to Google's trademark operating system.

The current perspective  of Android Phone

He came to the Internet at the hands of a lot of days. But how recently the smartphone has brought the new speed and usage of the Internet, it is really unimaginable. And in this smartphone world, the two main competitors are Android and Android.
Android is now reigning in the smartphone world. Basically, due to various prices and size-sized brands and an Android-powered smartphone is available from the market, its market share has increased far beyond. Today there are almost all budgets, no Android phones. The internet is made for the mobile phone in the beginning of the Android operating system, but the Android operating system is currently running on netbooks, tablets and Google TVs (this is Google's all-in-one service providers on the TV, as well as popular video viewing of the video. ). Google has already given the impression that the Android operating system will be used for running robots in the future.