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The importance of Meta Description and how to add to the blog?

October 09, 2018
Meta Description is a very important meta tag for blogger templates to optimize search engine optimization. To bring any blog to the front of the search engines, the most widely used Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are now giving importance to blog post titleand Meta description. Search engines usually display the search results based on the important page title and Meta description of any blog according to the blog rank. In this case, whose blog rank is as good as the blog post's title and Meta Description, its blog will be as much as the search engine.
 Meta Description and how to add to the blog?

Regarding the blog's Meta description not set properly, search engines, Google+, Facebook and other social media also do not show the blog and blog post description properly. A blog and blog post unique, clean and good Meta Description creates the possibility of getting more visitors in the blog.

 What is Meta Description?

Like all other Meta tags, it is also a meta tag that can be seen anywhere outside of the blog, only to see search engine rubles. This can take a quick idea about the content of the search engine blog post. Generally, Blogger Blogs Suggest to write Meta Description in 150 Characters with Space. Because the search engine does not display more than 160 characters in search results.

 What is the importance of Meta Description?

All types of search engines also crawl and index the meta tags along with the content of any blog. When search engine is searching for something using Keyword , then search engine first checks the blog post Meta Description according to the rank of blog. Then, according to the search engine search quarry, the more important and meaningful description of the links to the well-ranked rank blogs are consistently displayed on the search engines page. So, the Meta descriptions are meant to be rich quality as well as meaningful.

If the search engine finds a Meta description of a blog according to any search quarry, then display the Meta description Token as the text of the post in the post of Snipest in the search engine's Snipest. Then the reader will be more attracted to that blog post and the post will definitely want to visit.

 How to add to the blog?

  • First login to the blog.
  • From the Blogger dashboard, click Settings from the Settings> Search preferences> Meta tags> Details.
  • Then click on the 'Yes' button. See the following figure:
Search preferences> Meta tags
  • In the empty box written in the upper red color, in the 150 characters, according to your blog type, enter a very meta description. A Meta Description will only be used on the home page of your blog.
  • Then click Save Changes.

 How to add meta description to each post?

  • While writing a new post, you can see some of the following images in the right-hand side of the blog post editor. See the picture-
Search preferences> Meta tags
  • You will see this empty box by clicking on the search option in the image above. Here, please write the description of the goodman in relation to the contents of each post. You will see this option in each post.
  • After typing the description, click Done. That's all.

 How to test?

After fixing everything above, there are various tools online to verify whether your blog's Meta description is working properly. If you wish, you can verify through any one of them. will suggest this link to check with Meta Tag Analyzer. If everything on your blog is correct then you will see Meta description. If you do not see Meta description then you will have to follow the small tricks below.
  • From the Blogger Dashboard, click Template> Edit HTML.
  • Now press Ctrl + F to search the <head> section.
  • Paste the following Meta Codes under the <head> tag.
<b: if cond = 'data: blog.metaDescription! = & quot; & quot;' 
  <meta expr: content = 'data: blog.metaDescription' name = 'description' /> 
</ b: if>
  • Finally Save Template.

Help: I hope I could give you a clearer idea about the importance and use of Meta Description. Many people think that since it is not displayed outside the blog, it does not have the importance of it. By this post I can at least make some changes to their mind. Above all, let us know if anyone has difficulty understanding or questioning it. We always like questions based answers and try to answer the correct answer in time.