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Some Directions for Starters- From Root to Custom,

October 16, 2018
 Root to Custom,
 Root to Custom,


The current popular mobile operating system And because of the open source, its mode / change can be done by everyone. Through this series I will be informed about the process, steps and various tricks of the newcomers working properly. So hopefully stay there.
Before that, let's know a step that everyone should know. If you work in this step, you do not have to run the phone with customer care (I think)
Route> Xposed> Custom Recovery> Backup of Stock Rack> Firmware Backup (Optional)> New ROM Port> New ROM Given.
These steps will be told very well in my series. Many people may express different opinions about these steps: For the sake of their purpose I have reduced many more things by skipping / excluding.
Today is the first episode of the series. And this episode is about some direction and some questions. If there is any question after tune then you can contact on tumment and facebook, 
so let's get started.

What is the root, why, how do i

Sometimes you want to block the wire when you hear this question. Hey brother has already got tune of thousands of this topic, in English without writing 'root key' in Bengali, Google will not be able to imagine that the Bengali tune will come. And in every tune, it is so well understood that a tune is played after the game ends.

Why also ask this question?

Few folks before questioning. One of us did not say in the book while buying a phone that read this book and custom ROM. 
We've also done Google search, maybe it's in English, but how many tuners that have been written in Bangla today. 
When will you see it? 
Google does not want separate money to search. So one thing that has once been discovered, why we want to discover that thing again? Find yourself a little trouble. I could also route it to the end. Brothers are just mortal. Someone 60 years again someone 160 But it's going to die. That's the root. Maybe it's late. Rooted, now,

Custom Recovery For My Phone:

Think before you say your model and my model are not the same. So if you do not get Google search then how can I do? The good news is that the PC can now be made custom-made without having a PC. The interesting thing is that the trick is in the trick. But can not it? Take a tips for this. Write your phone model and search Facebook and join the group. There can not be a custom recovery in Ram also. Custom Recovery and Ram did not confuse again.

And tell a little about the custom ROM

At the end of each of the custom ROMs in my steps. If the previous steps are succesful, raise your hand towards custom ROM or raise your hand towards customer care. There are some common mistakes in custom ROMs like:
1. Custom Room / Custom Room: Many people spoke this word to me. Look at the difference between Rom and Room once. Do not look like blind people, so what do you think ?? If you go to seek help from Brother Hahb, if all these HUJI said, how do you expect help?
2. How to give a custom ROM? I was shocked to hear this question, I did not really get the instant answer. So there is no need to do anything except keeping it sewn.
3. One of them said that the phone was brick by giving a custom ROM. So I wanted to learn to teach Ram better.
I said you have given Recovery?
The answer is, "Is the Recovery Bhaiya?"
How does it take That's why I gave the steps in the beginning of the tune, well remember.
And a request to do all these questions without asking a little Google search. Ask a little crystal question so that I can learn if you can not.