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Is organic backlinks good or paid backlinks (difference)?

October 10, 2018
Due to the busy life of professional life, the blog has to refrain from sharing articles for a long time. Due to not having to share the content on the blog for many days, the visitors of our blog were asking questions after various questions. Actually I was not able to write a blog due to the busyness of the work. Besides, many requests for sharing articles with different topics are also submitted to our inbox. Very soon we will try to share different post about the given article on the needs of all, Insha Allah
Today's topic is a controversial topic. Because many web scholars have different ideas about this issue. Again, some IT businessmen present their favorite back links with their clients in the backing of the client to achieve their own interests. They explain their importance to back links by keeping their clients hidden on some issues. I have seen many days ago a webmaster explained his client in such a way that back link is free or paid, which will take equal importance. Moreover, sometimes two or four clients are contacted with me about SEO. They told me to do SEO as well as to create back links. I will tell you directly about this matter. Because I do not want to cheat my clients.

If you read the paragraph above, you may have questions that I am constantly talking about different things but why I am not writing anything on the main topic? Actually talk about some problems before going to the original topic. Because the direct talk of the subject matter is not understandable or easy to understand. 

They clearly did not know about the back link to our blog Backlink related to previous posts will fall. Besides, no blog and no follow back link has been shared in our blog about how and where to use it. Therefore, if someone does not have complete knowledge about the back link, then read our blog posts. Just knowing the details of this type of link back to your blog can reach the right decision.

 Why Back Link Is Needed?

Usually, when a website / blog is launched in the first place, no one knows or knows about the blog because the visitor with the search engine is newly launched. In addition to introducing search engines and viewers, there is a need for back links to increase the importance of the blog. If you can create links to your blog inside other blog posts related to the topic you are blogging, then your post will be able to identify your blog with the visitor by bringing some traffic as well as bringing traffic to your blog from that post. At least in the general view, it is seen that back links have the importance of both reader and search engine. Besides, back links also make significant contributions in the ranking of a website. So you yourself understand that why back links are needed for a website.

 What is organic and paid back link?

It is easy to say that when the blog's popularity increases after blogging for long periods of time, the link that automatically links to other blogs is organic back links. On the other hand, the back links that are bought by the various third party blogs or webmasters are paid back links. It is understandable that the need for money is not required for organic back links, whereas paid links are collected in exchange for money.

 Need organic or paid back links?

As I mentioned earlier, the increase in the popularity of the organic or original back link blog has increased automatically. But after launching the new blog, after commenting on the other blogs related to your blog topic and joining the Forum as a Gost blogger on various blogs, easy-to-know back links can be increased. This issue has made important contributions in creating a blog back link in a new situation. Since the organic back link itself or over time, others will understand the importance of your blog and add them to the blog, so these links will link back to the blogs that match the content of your blog, link back to your blog, the topic of your blog and back links from the blog The topic of that blog will be the same or as well.

On the other hand, those who created back links in exchange for money from different webmasters or IT companies, they do not create back links to blogs that match the content of your blog. In this case, it is very easy to create blog links and blog links from all those websites and blogs under their network. In this case, because your blog content and links do not match the content of the blog, back links can not bring any importance to the visitors and search engines. I'm clearing the matter to you by example. However, before sharing the example, we will share two more words. Then try to explain by example.

This post started writing through one of my clients. Yesterday a web designer came to me to do SEO on his website. At first I asked her to show her website. Its site is hosted in WordPress and taken from Domain and Hosting GoDaddy. The topic of his website was on web design skills testing. At first I thought it was a very normal thing. But after seeing everything afterwards, I realized that, There is a lot of good quality. Seeing the details and discussing, I realized that he was a good web designer of good quality. He wanted his website to work related to full SEO. I agreed with him and the finale was final. But the problem is that he has to make enough back links. Then I told him not to make a link back. It becomes automated over time. You can do this yourself. We gave detailed information on how to do it. But he did not want to agree with my opinion. Finally, I was forced to bolster my SEO deal with him.
Back links to our blog
Example: Suppose you are a regular trading company of the Appex Show company. Regular products of your company are different types of innovative design shows. You can try to keep your shop in different times by designing a suitable new look at the time of your customers' needs. In this case, you will never want that to set up a tea shop in the fear of your show market. Because all people know that APEX is a good show company. There is no question of going to tea here. Even if there is a dish in the tea market on an appx market, there will never be more than 5% of customers going to eat chana.

In the same way, a blog posting on your blog's web design related to another poem or story related to the blog, creating a back link, the blog reader will not be able to read the blog post about your web design. Because a poem reader is worthless about web design. He would not want to read the web design, or he did not understand the subject. In this case, it would seem boring to him. On the other hand, when the search engine crawler will find links to your blog found on that blog, by linking to your blog, you will find that if the articles on your blog and that article are not related to the blog, the search engine will mark it as spam. In this case, the back link received from that blog will work contrary to interests.

From the above discussions and analysis, I mean, to explain to you that the way you make the back link, it is as if it is related to your blog's content. In some cases, it is not like starting a business of potatoes, groves and chillies in tea shops. If you work with Web Design, then try to create a back link from other websites that are working on web design. When working with Android Mobile, try to create links to the Android website. In the same way when you create an Internal Backlink link, be sure to add it as a post link that has a complete relationship with the post. Do not reduce the price of the post by the search engine by creating a non-profit link. 

DecisionFrom the above discussion, you realize that in reality a blogger needs some kind of back links. Just by spoiling the money, there is no profit by making back links in more than a few days. Keep in mind that if you want to get success in a very short time, there is a possibility of falling in the middle. My suggestion for creating bank links is that you are continuing blogging with the article of Goodman. After sharing some articles, start search engine optimization. Finally blog your blog on a good blog / website that is blogged and share various links in your blog by answering questions by joining the forum. If your blog gets importance from the search engine, readers will also get regular blogs from your blog.