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On Page SEO Techniques to come to the 1st page of search results

October 09, 2018
When there is a blog / website search engine optimization, it is important to follow two important points. One is on-page optimization and the other is off-page optimization. Today, we will discuss some of the most important techniques of on-page optimization, along with the on-page optimization, to take position on the first page of the search engine.
 1st page of search results
We all know that On Page Optimization is the right way for blogs to fit all the internal content of the blog. A process of taking position in the search engine by sharing blog title tags, matte tags, keywords, good content etc. When you can do these tasks properly, you can think that On / Page Optimization of your blog / website is complete.

 Why Do On Page Optimization?

As I said earlier, On Page Optimization is a process of setting the blog's title tag, matte tag, keyword, good content, etc. correctly. Basically the search engine is a kind of software. It does not understand anything by eating a brain like a human. He understands what is meant by giving him the command. In this case, if he can not give command according to his proper rules, then he will ignore your blog / website because Ignore. That's why, in order to properly understand the importance of all the elements of your blog to search engines, On Page Optimization will be done. If you can do all of the blog's On Page Optimization issues properly, only then can you expect your blog posts to be found on the first page of search engines. Below we will discuss some important On Page Optimization issues.

 1. Goodman Content:

The Brilliant Content of a blog is able to take the position of search results without search engine optimization (SEO). And if you can do Proper SEO along with the Goodman content, then there is no other reason for blog traffic. For this reason there is a saying in the search engine language "A Brilliant Content is King for all SEO". If you can always share any unique content on the blog, which is not written on the Internet or very few, then this topic Even if you do not have SEO, your topic will be at the top of the search results. But since it is not possible at all, you should try to publish better content than the other. To o.

 2. Blog post title:

About 80% of the visitors who visit a blog from search engines depend on the post title . Because Title is the topic summary of the topic. Content is definitely King of SEO but following the title is the content of the post. If a writer can write an interesting post title in line with the subject matter of the post, then I think the blog post's internal SEOs can be easily managed. A beautiful and optimized blog post title is able to attract the attention of any search engine robot. You have already shared the detailed post about how to write search engine friendly blog post title .

 3. Post Meta Description:

Meta description is the most important of all the meta tags currently in use Because the postal title of the blog is the importance of search engine meta description. When someone searches for a search engine, the search engine first sees the title of the post and sees the Meta description. In this case, if the searcher's keyword is found in the title or Meta description, then your blog posts are likely to appear on the first page of search results. In this case, the post Meta description must consist of important keywords in line with your post content. I've seen many good blogs, blogs, Meta DescriptionWithout tagging the tag, copy the post title and set it as Meta Description. In that case your Meta description can not be of any value to the search engine.

 4. Post Permalink Structure:

A well-structured url of a post will look as good as it looks, and the importance of the search engine can be of great importance. You must form a postal permalink that is relevant to the topic you are posting on. Because post Permalink the post with respect to the important keywords, then the search query came from a good position in search engine results is the possibility adhika. Many people have written this type of url without any importance. For example - you are posting a lot about Android. If your post url containswww.prozokti.com/2015/05/ post7 .html, then the search engine post url will not understand anything about the post. On the other hand, if the structure of the url is www.prozokti.com/2015/05/ poweramp-android-apkIf there is .html, then search engine can easily understand the post about Poweramp Android apk.

 5. Posted in Heading Tags:

Generally, the important heading tags of the blog are written in H1, H2, H3 and H4. In the search engine optimization, such heading tags carry great importance. When you write a post, the most important heading tag in the post will be H1. Because the H1 tag of any blog to the search engine is more important than the other Heading Tag. Then the remaining headings will continue to be used gradually as H2, H3 and H4. We have already shared two post titles like Multiple Posts Titles and Multiple Header Title Tag .

 6. Content Interlinking:

When you write a new post on a topic, you can link the two other posts related to the post as anchor text with different keywords. Although this will not be able to bring you visitors directly from the search engine, but visitors from other places in the search engines or from other places will be able to increase the page view by staying in long positions. Moreover, it will take your blog's Internal Backlink home. However, there will be no post link that does not match the new post. If you link to any keyword that is unnecessarily, then search engine bots can capture your links as spam. Therefore, when creating an internal link, it should match the new post and the keyword.

 7. Linking to another blog:

You can create an External Backlink by matching with the good Nofollow and Dofollowblogs that match the content of your blog or by joining in different forums. It will not be able to get a visitor directly from your search engine on your blog, but it will be able to bring some visitors to your blog via that blog. This issue will make an important contribution to the growth of your blog. Moreover, if you can create links to different quality Dofollow blogs, then your blog's backlinks will continue to grow. And you surely know that Dofollow Backlinks has made significant contributions to increasing the ranking of the blog.

 8. Post Image Optimization:

Image is an important part of the blog post. Using blog in the blog post, readers can give a clear idea of ​​any topic. There are some posts that can not be used to give clear ideas to the readers if they do not use the image. On the other hand, search engines bring all the images on your blog in search results separately. Usually you have seen that there is a tab named Image in Google Search's search result. Click here to get many images of the desired topics. If you wrote the blog image of the search engine friendly, then the possibility of getting many visitors from that image was created. Different types of images on the blog's image can be optimized through Alt Tag and Caption. We shared a detailed post about how to optimize thepost image .

 9. Keyword density

Keyword Density is a number of times a word on your blog. Do not you have 100 words in a page on your website, and if you have 5 keywords in 100 words, then you can say that 5 times keyword is used and there is keyword density of 5%. It's a little hard to say how accurately a keyword should be in the dictionary density. But I think the keyword Density of a website should generally be between 5-7%. Keep in mind that keeping keyword density too high is not as good as it is not good.