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Meta Keywords How importance of tags and SEO are?

October 09, 2018
In order to optimize search engine optimization, there is a need to use many types of Meta tags inside the Blogger Template. Although such meta tags are not visible in the blog / website's Output, they have made significant contributions to search engine optimization. There are several types of Meta Tags to use on any type of blog / website. But just pick them up, some of the hand gestures are needed to be used on the blog.
Meta Keywords What is the importance of tag keys and SEO?
Some readers of our blog said they know about the blog's Meta Keywords Tags but they are not clear about how much importance it is. That is why he requested to share a post about its importance. In response to their request, we give you a clear idea about this today.

 What is Meta Tags?

Meta Tag is an effective way to summarize search engines for all types of content in a blog. Using such tags, it is possible to give clear ideas to any webmaster tool about any blog post issue. Typically this type of Meta Tag is used in the HTML form below the blog / website's <head> tag.

WARNING: After learning this, you might be thinking that all the meta tags that are in your blog will be used on your blog. You may not know that it has many advantages on one hand, on the other hand, due to its misuse, search engines can ignite any blog. It will be seen that instead of getting good traffic from search engines, visitors to your blog will be reduced to much more. So before using it, know each meta tag well and add it to the blog correctly. I have seen many good Bengali and English blogs who have kept the absolutely unnecessary Meta Tags on the blog. I think they might not understand the fact that this resulted in the search engine ignored their site. In this way if the unnecessary Meta Tags is added to the blog, then the search engine will consider the entire blog as Spam.

 Meta Keywords What is Tag?

Meta Keywords Tag is a combination of the main and most important words of all the content in a blog. For example, you're blogging about Android. Then the most important of your blog's Android and the ones that are more likely to find in the search engines will be the Meta Keywords on your blog. 

Meta Keywords Tag Importance: The most widely used Google search engine right now says that they are not giving importance to the Meta Keywords tag for search results and rankings. In this case, they are urging for greater importance on page titles and Meta Descriptions. According to their comment, an attractive Page Title and Meta Descriptions carry more importance than any type of Meta Keywords. So Google Search Engine is directly supporting Meta Keywords.

The importance of keywords in other search engines: Recently Microsoft's Bing search engine like Google Search Engine also talks about not using Meta Keywords. They also say Meta Keywords are not given any importance in finding something in their search engines. Yahoo is currently using Meta Keywords only in important search engines. You can now understand yourself how much the importance of Meta Keywords tag for a blog in search engine optimization.

 How to use Meta Keywords on the blog?

You may wonder why Meta Keywords show up the method of adding to the blog after all. We are only sharing this matter to know. Because I saw the Meta Keywords tag misuse too in many good blogs. I would like to say that those who are using the Meta keywords in blogs after all, they should at least be properly added.
  • First login to the blog.
  • Then click on Template> Edit HTML.
  • Now press Ctrl + F to search the <head> section.
  • Then paste the following Meta Keywords tag under <head>.
<b: if cond = 'data: blog.url == data: blog.homepageUrl'> 
<meta content = ' Prozokti, Blogspot, Blogger Tutorial, Widgets, SEO, Online Earning ' name = 'keywords' /> 
</ b : if> 
<b: if cond = 'data: blog.homepageUrl! = data: blog.url'> 
<meta expr: content = 'data: blog.pageName + & quot ;, & quot; + data: blog.title 'name =' keywords' />
</ b: if>
  • Every word in the blue color of the top matte tag will have search engine highlights in your blog's Home Page Keywords. Use the important keywords of your blog in the blue color section.
  • On the other hand, the green color matte tag will be used to post your blog's post title and blog title in the Posts Page as Meta Keywords. 
  • Note: Your blog's Meta Keywords must be limited to 256 characters. To get better results from search engines, keep in 50-68 characters. Because it does not like to have keywords of longer or more characters in the search engine crawl and index.
  • Finally, save the template. That's all.

 The above tags are usually misleading

Optimize the top of us and see the difference between the following Meta Keywords tags. Then you can understand what you should use for yourself or you are already using the wrong Meta Keywords on your blog?
<b: if cond = 'data: blog.url == data: blog.homepageUrl'> 
<meta content = ' Prozokti, Blogspot, Blogger, Blogger Tutorial, Blogger Widgets, Blogspot SEO, Online Earning ' name = 'keywords' / > 
</ b: if> 
<b: if cond = 'data: blog.homepageUrl! = data: blog.url'> 
<meta expr: content = 'data: blog.pageName + & quot ;, & quot; + data: blog.pageTitle + & quot ;, & quot; + data: blog.title 'name =' keywords' />
</ b: if>

  • In the top red keywords, see the word "Blogger" repeatedly with each ward. Which is the biggest mistake of the Keywords tag. If your blog is related to Android, then you must type Android, Android Tips, Android Tricks, Android Apps, Android Apps Download, paid apps etc. Here you are misreading Android and Apps again and again. Google says the case directly to the kind Keywords a search engine will be considered as Spam. 
  • The second line of the pinky color has been misplaced exactly the same. This tag is initially repeating the post Title + Blog Title on your blog again and again Blog Title + Post Title and again Blog Title. Which makes the mistake of using the same word repeatedly.
Conclusion: Trying to give detailed explanation of what is the Meta Keyword tag and how important it is to all the above sections. Hopefully we have been able to give some ideas about this. However, if you have any clue you can tell us.