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How to turn off the content of the blog Copy Paste option?

October 08, 2018
Those who share unique articles on blogs, they are constantly under the trouble of content copy paste by some number of people. There are many new bloggers who think that if you copy the content of another's blog and keep them on the blog, you can earn enough moneyfrom online to get enough traffic from the blog Later on, they did not benefit from copying content and realized their mistake, someone tried to share original content. Someone else could not share unique content, they got knocked out of blogging. We will not say anything to the chicks today. Only those who are sharing unique content will discuss how to keep their blog content somewhat secure.
 turn off the content of the blog Copy Paste
We will try to give a fairly complete solution for those bloggers who want to stop the complete options for copying content. You may say that I am saying the word fair? The reason being said to be fair is that the website or blog can not stop the 100 percent way of copying the content. Because even after closing all the means of copying the content of the blog, modern browsers now have some options and plugins that allow the content to be copied.

Today I will share the full way to disable the option to copy the contents of the blog as well as click on the mouse's right button and close the CTRL + U options on the keyboard. If you stop the option to copy the contents of this blog in this method, people with little knowledge will not be able to copy the article on your blog. However, those who are lazy or obese like me can copy using different plugins. From my blogging abilities, I understand that people who are not acquainted with people, they never copy content from another blog. Those who are new to blogging, most of the time, they have the trouble of copy paste.

 How do I close the Cut, Copy, Paste, Right Click, and CTRL + U options?

I will share two methods to completely close all the options above. Through the first one will be able to stop all of the above mentioned sections of your blog. Using the second method, you can block some important parts of the post and open the remaining part. 

  • First login to the blog.
  • Then click on the Theme> Edit HTML from the Blogger Dashboard.
Edit HTML from the Blogger Dashboard
  • Then press Ctrl + F to hide the </ head> section.
  • Now paste the Jquary code below to the right of the </ head> tag.

<script type = "text / javascript"> 
$ (document) .ready (function () { 
   // Disable cut copy paste
   $ ('body'). bind ('cut copy paste', function (e) { 
       e.preventDefault (); 

   // Disable mouse right click
   $ ("body"). On ("contextmenu", function (e) { 
       return false; 

   // Disable CTRL + U
   $ (document) .keypress (" u ", function (e) { 
       if (e.ctrlKey) 
       return false; 
       return true; 
</ script>
  • Now Save Theme will close all the options to copy the contents of the blog.


  • The red color section above will close the option to copy all the contents of your blog.
  • The blue color part will turn off the right click of the mouse button. As a result someone can not copy from your source's source file. Use this section on the blog.
  • The pinky color will completely close the options of checking the source files. This section should also be used in the blog.

Using Copy to Copy Past

The Jquary code above will advise not to use the first part of the red color. Because it will disable all the sections of your blog article. If you want to close the remainder with the option to copy some parts of the blog, I will personally tell you to use the following CSS code without using that part. But if you want to turn off all options then there is no need to use CSS code.
  • From the blogger dashboard again, click Theme> Edit HTML.
  • Then press Ctrl + F to move to the keyboard]]> </ b: skin> section.
  • Now paste the CSS code below]]> </ b: skin> tag.
body { 
-webkit-user-select: none! important; 
-moz-user-select: -moz-none! important; 
-ms-user-select: none! important; 
user-select: none! important; 

.post blockquote { 
-webkit-user-select: text! important; 
-moz-user-select: text! important; 
-ms-user-select: text! important; 
user-select: text! important; 

  • Finally save the theme.
  • Note: Here the pinky color section will close the option to copy the content of all parts of your blog. The blue color section will keep the option of copying Blockquote content to the left of the post This will open the option to copy all the contents of the post and copy only the necessary parts.
Counseling and Help: In order to properly paste the contents of the blog into the correct method and paste all the options, it will suggest using the CSS code with the remainder except the first part of the Jquary red color above. Moreover, there is no option to understand here. Even if there is a problem to understand the parts, we can comment.