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How to create a privacy policy page of Blogspot blog?

October 10, 2018
To make a blog a complete professional look, there are some things to do beyond the necessary things. Privacy policy is one such issue for Google Blogger. The Privacy Policy is not very important or important for blogspot blogs. However, those who want to apply for Google Adsense must first create a beautiful and constructive privacy policy page for blogs before applying for AdSense. Because of the validity of AdSense, the privacy policy of Google Adsense Team blog is valid after the validation of whether the adsense is valid.
 create a privacy policy page of Blogspot blog?
Every organization has a specific privacy policy. Companies or organizations are managed by this policy. Without a specific policy, no company receives acceptance from the customer. The blog or the website is not like that but it's fairly near Privacy policy is not needed because your blog is not known to everyone today, but when it is known to everyone, then there must be a nice privacy policy. Because none of the sites can achieve credibility and acceptance of the site. Moreover, all the bigger websites have specific policies.

 What is Privacy Policy?

The Bengali word privacy policy is a privacy policy. In the general sense, in the case of a company or organization, the principle of content management is in place. The website or blog contains more than just rules. How the information about your blog's reader's data is collected, how to use the collected information, to whom the information is collected, giving information to the readers, etc., etc. Through Privacy Policy, you can inform your readers about the following topics.
  • What information is collected by the visitors of your blog?
  • How do readers gather information?
  • Why do visitors need to collect information?
  • Do you promote others' blogs?
  • What is the standard of your blog?

 What will be the privacy policy page?

  • What kind of data collection: Here you will be presenting to readers that when you visit your blog, what information are you collecting? This way, the reader will be able to confirm whether he will visit the blog again after knowing the method of collecting information from your blog.
  • Log Data: Currently, after visiting the website through internet browsers, it stores information about visitors' IP addresses and visits from any type of browser. You can inform the reader about whether you are collecting such collected information.
  • Cookies: Cookies are small files that transfer sites or service providers to a computer's hard drive via a web browser. According to the European Union (EU) regulations, cookies have to be used to give ideas about websites visited for each website. In this case, youcan inform readers about whether you are using cookies on your blog.
  • Whether the collected information is kept safe, you can clearly specify the information that is collected by readers to the person or law enforcement agency without the reader's permission.
  • Third party link Share: Is it possible to share links to any other web site in your blog for personal interests or business related to your blog? If you have shared, you can inform readers about why and for what purpose they are sharing.
  • Whether you have collected the information collected from your blog, you can also inform the readers about whether the readers are collecting information from your blog, whether you evaluate, assist, advise readers, or make any corrections, changes, additions and amendments to your blog.
  • Child Protection: It is a very strict approach to child protection online. Please specify the type of article you have shared, whether it is suitable for the child or not. If you share some things that will hinder the development of children, keep it clearly on your blog. In that case, you have already written that the presence of children on your blog is totally prohibited. Otherwise you can read any kind of legal confrontation.
  • Miscellaneous topics: If you have personal or business confidentiality, you can give a brief overview of your blog.

 Blogspot Blog Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is not very important for those who are using Google Blogger blogs . Because those who blog through Google bloggers, they are blogging according to Google's privacy policy and service agreement. In this case, you can not do any kind of pornography, hacking, cracking, etc. Because Google's blog does not follow the rules, Google reserves the right to delete your blog at any time. However, those who want to blog well, they will definitely create a policy page. It will increase the credibility of your blog to the readers.

 Google Adsense Policy

If you apply for Google Adsense Adsense policies will have to be compiled. When you login to the first AdSense account, you will be asked to comply with these rules. In this case, you will not be able to apply for Adsense in compliance with the rules. If you are using Google Adsense on your blog, you can inform the visitors about the privacy policy of your blog on the Privacy Policy page of your blog. In addition, if you use any other type of advertisement, then you can put it on the policy page.

 Email Subscription Policy

Blogger Blog has a widget of Email Subscription by default If you have the option of subscribing to your blog using this widget, clearly tell the readers about how to collect and use the email address and information of the subscribers. Then anyone who decides to subscribe without knowing your blog's policy will decide.

 How to create a privacy policy page on Blogger blog?

  • First you need to login to your desired blog.
  • Then you can create a page by clicking on Pages from the Blogger Dashboard.
  • Then the name of the page will be filled with the privacy policy, the details of the page.
  • Please close the option to comment on the page.
  • You can also hide the blog sidebar for professional look.

The latest advice: If you publish Article in Bangla, then the privacy policy page must be made in Bengali. In most Bangla blogs, it is seen that all the content of their blog is Bangla but the privacy policy page has been made in English by Auto Generate. In order to create Bangla Privacy Policy,we can follow the Privacy Policy page ofour blogBut if you are blogging in English then you can follow the blog of good quality to comply with our today's post. If you are not able to write your privacy policy, thenyou can create a policy page by filling all the information on this blog with this link as an alternativesolution.