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Google Adsense Key, Approval, Uses and Some Tips for Google Adsense

October 17, 2018
What is Google Adsense ? Google Adsense is the name of a swan, which can give proper care if the duck regularly gives golden eggs. Depending on the size of the gold egg, the size of the egg is as big as it can be cared for according to the proper rules. I'mtalking about non-hosted adsense accounts . Yes, hosted Adsense account and valuable but gold egg swan do not have value like swans.
Actually, Adsense is a Pablishar platform that advertises advertisements on various quality websites and the company owned by it is Google. In other words, Google Adsense 's so-called nadak or popularity is the reason that the highest revenue share or dividend sharing, content related ads, the successes and compatibility of other Google products , and the use of the highest standards of quality verification of websites / blogs before giving account.
Highest revenue share: Usually different companies or organizations advertise on other websites . Here Google Adsense actually acts as a median (broker). Google collects advertising orders from other companies and publishes them on the website / blog under its control, and about 70 percent of the profit is given to the Adsense account owner . This is the revenue share, where the other Adsense category company (Adsense Alternatives) offers relatively few dividends.
Google Adsense
Content related ads: I have not seen anyone else from Google Google's content shows advertisements based on relative or visitor's interest. In this, the prospectus clicking on the advertisement of the advertisement and the Adsense account holders gain more profit.
Compatibility with other products : One of the most popular services in Google's search engine , Gmail , YouTube , Blogspot, which is almost entirely successful and Google Webmaster Tools for Webmasters , Google Analytics, which is interrelated or associated with common features of Adsense.
Google Adsense 's attributes are basically those. However, in my mind, Google Adsense was given some overwriting, that is, the benefits, which are said to be increased even more than that. Someone again dug this golden deer, I also said, Swan egg swan etc.
Yes, Google Adsense is a bit difficult to obtain, because without Google's standard or minimum quality website / blog site, Google does not give Google Adsense account yet , but it is not impossible to get an account. There are some basic terms that can be found in Adsense, if you can fill them with Adsense is possible. I have seen many people, Adsense with Ads by Raviosh, Bogus type websites , nor after "very difficult" to cillapalla hyata Tan said.
I'll just talk about Basic Requirement, which requires Minimam to get your Google Adsense account , as well as Account Mantain, some in-account CPM, RPM etc., how to use and money withdrawal methods. Let's start
A Minimum Good Quality Website or Blog: Adsense Account Powers 1 Moment is a good quality website or blog. So, what does 'good value' mean? Look nice Visitor Visitor? Beautiful name? No, good value refers to unique content. Your website content must not be copied / paste or illicit content. Content may be images, texts, software, audio, video or anything else.
Own domain: The website must have a own domain . You can use free blogging platform or free blogplatform for free hosting , but you must have the custom TLD (top level domain) such as: It is better not to have a sub domain. If you need to know how to add a custom domain to the Google Blogspot Platform .
Affiliate and porn site can not contain any affiliate links . Because, because of my affiliate link to a popular site on my site, Active Adsense was suspended for that site Nudity content or porn can not be. Whether it is soft
Other things that can not be: alcoholic sites / blogs, which promote them. Sites that promote any kind of drugs or even cigarettes. Blogs attacked by a nation or a group or a person. It is a weapon or weapon, which motivates them.
Website Age: age Site age must be at least 6 months or 1 year. For me, it is better to have an old website / blog for 1 year or near time since the domain is edited.
There are some minor unwritten conditions, I do not remember at this moment. After editing, if there is any.

Apply for Adsense account

If you have fulfilled all the above conditions, then you can apply for the Adsense account . However, it is very important to keep an eye on certain things while applying.
Correct name and address:  Before the Adsense account's bank account could not be added (I could not go to the Bangladeshi account), check came in, the check was to be withdrawn from the Islamic bank. No other bank except Islami Bank wanted to take this check or not. And now banks can be added, so the bank account name with your account name must be exactly the same.
Thakaleh previously been applied  in the past and than should apply, however, does not use the new account, you should use the account. Adsense will not get the exact information of the two accounts. If you do not do any work done by giving a purAN account, or if you are a DAproved, there is no problem.

Adsense is not approved

If you do not have an Adsense account, you have 3 ops.
1. Adsense hopes to leave.
2. Read the return emails well, fix the mistakes, reapply from the same Google account.
3. Applying for Google's Hosted Adsense account to match the taste of milk .
And it should be kept in mind that Google's Adsense account of Google's host is actually used for Google's hosted sites such as YouTube and Blogspot. I can not advertise from this account on the outside site,
But I have been listening to the system 😉

After receiving the Adsense Approval

If the Adsense Approval is done, then there is nothing to lose the head. Keep calm and
Just add the best site: quality site, from which type of site you have got an Adsense account , just add a good quality site. Do not forget to add a craze or this type of site, in which account can be lost.
Do not click on the ad itself: Do not click Adsense Ads . Gugol's very strong term (rule) is not to manually click on the ad. Do not worry about clicking through a proxy, do not click on the university's osie. This kind of work is not limited to the royal masters.
Do not click on anyone: Maybe you have a friend, she wants money in your account. In this thought, he entered your site and clicked on the advertisement arbitrarily . Accounts can be closed on such activities. Although the friend's desire was good, but you will eat bamboo. Similarly an enemy can do the same to harm you. For this reason it is best to say nothing to anyone.😉
Invite visitors to click on : A friend of mine copies the link to his adsense ads the , and puts them in the download button directly on the site as a clickable link. Money is deposited in his account very quickly. His account was suspended immediately after the verification.
I understand that is the matter? 😛

Some common questions and answers

How many ads can be advertised from an account? - as much as you want.
Click AdsenseCan not get money if you do not ? - Gives some money to every 1000 visits.
Can I open the adresses with another country address? Yes, you can get a quick account.
Is there any discrepancy in opening other country's address? If Google does not earn money, then Google will not say anything, but if you earn then you can get it in the throat.
I have some domains, can I park? - I know Adsense for domain feature is no more.
More questions, if someone asks questions.

Money withdraw from Adsense

After every $ 100 you can withdraw money or Google will send money to your linked bank account. From this side Google Adsense is a lot better.