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Different Roots on Android

October 16, 2018
Different Roots on Android
Different Roots on Android
Different Roots on Android


The current popular mobile operating system And because of the open source, its mode / change can be done by everyone. Through this series I will be informed about the process, steps and various tricks of the newcomers working properly. So hopefully stay there. 
Before that, let's know a step that everyone should know. If you work in this step, you do not have to run the phone with customer care (I think)

Route> Xposed> Custom Recovery> Backup of Stock ROM> Firmware Backup (Optional)> New ROM Port> New Ram offered.

These steps in this series will be very well known. Many people may express different opinions about these steps: For the sake of their purpose I have reduced many more things by skipping / excluding.
Today is the second episode of the series. And this episode is about the different ways to root. If you have any questions then you can contact on tumment and facebook
So let's get started.

Root key

We left the answer to this question on Google. So if you still think that "root key" go to Google, search the "root key". Get your answer and get it.

Route method:

Talk about the popular 3 ways to route today. So let's get started.

1. With Android App:

Android can be able to root up to 2-5 on this system. Sometimes 6.0 and so on is the route. 
This method will not require a PC to route. Will only have some data / MB Download the Android app at the beginning. Turn on and start the route. This will cost some data. There are many popular apps to route. But I'll suggest something else. For example, 
routinely phone the phone, then custom Recovery Day. Then uniroot. Flush zip from SuperSu and flash it from custom Recovery. 
Now get your phone rooted with Super Su.

Why this is something else

Because these apps eat more RAM in the phone, especially the Kingroot, as well as various add, the promotion of their products etc. Again, these apps do not support advanced level work. No such Mount Namespace Separation option. There is no way to update the su binary manuals. So I guess this is something else. 
Popular among different apps: Kingroot, kingoroot, framaroot, towelroot, iroot, more names or many apps to know. Do not remember the names of many people, because I did the route once.

2. By PC

In this process, the PC, data cable, and USB debugging mode are to be on-the-go. Installing the application for the PC has to connect with the phone cable and root it. Different apps can have different methods. The app has manuals with it. 
One of my known tumors about this method may be a phone problem or a phone problem. So do the work on your own.

3. Custom Recovery By:

In this process, Android 5-7 can be rooted. It also takes PC but Risk Free. So it's getting popular day by day. First of all, the PC has to install custom recovery on the phone (without root). After that, Super Su is flushing the route. That is why you need to find custom recovery for your phone. Good luck if you can get Google. Or in different Facebook groups
Last statement: In my case the first method was useful. So the next thing is not to triage. But if you do not work anyway, then say your fortune is bad. Wait for a new app or update version. Or hope for new tricks.

If there are more questions then the tumor box or