Create blogs full with Blogger (Series Episode - 1)

Create blogs full with Blogger

You may know that the easiest platform to create a blog for personal or business purposes is Google's Blogger. It is very easy to create blogs easily and without any web development knowledge. Besides, it is possible to continue blogging without any reluctance because of the Google company.

We have started this blog for almost a month. For the time being, our other staff is busy with various tasks and I am going to blogging myself alone. Therefore, due to the lack of time, all types of posting can not be possible. Although this blog should have been started earlier, but we thought it would be easy. So at the beginning I gave up. Later on, many of them were forced to post the blog. This post will continue our way. Each post will be linked to the following table.

How To Create Blog With Blogger

  • Create a Gmail ID first. If you have a Gmail ID before, you will not have to create a new ID.
  • Then login to Blogger Account through your Gmail ID .
  • Then you can look like the image below.
Create Blog
  • Click the New Blog marked red on top of the image .
  • After clicking on New Blog, show the image as shown below.
Create Blog
  • Enter your blog's name in the header above You can write it as you wish.
  • Address of the place, enter the address of your blog. It must be completely unique, ie different from others. Through this address everyone can find your blog.
  • Then, through the hand, the pictures that you can see in the Template Indicate , these are the Blogger Template of various designs. From here you can select one of the choices.
  • Then by clicking on the latest Create Blog , your blog will be automatically created.
In the next post: In the next post we will discuss the introduction of the Blogger Dashboard, Insha Allah Stay with us till then. Thanks ...

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