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[100% Confirmation] Get Active Income From PPD Pay Per Click - From my experience of more than $ 500!

October 17, 2018
PPD is the way to earn income through file sharing. If you upload several files to the forums in the forums, the more downloads it will be, the more income It's a new thing. However, there is no era of income of $ 100-200 per month from Hotfile, Filsnik, FileServ, RapidShare, a year ago. Regrettably ... because of the fraud of fake filehost like frogs, many saw to give up. So writing this post from my 500 dollar experience (screenshots). No more frustration because if I can, you can! Let's get started
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#PPD why?
1. No investment required. From the day you start, income from that day
2. Do not give too much or regular time. If you are a busy man, PPD can be the best way to earn your income.
3. As long as the shared files will last for download, income will continue to come. A lot of money plant type!
# 4 tips on income from PPD
1. Choose to upload files that are more demanding. You can start with popular movies, software, etc.
2. Choose FileHost to verify some things. Working with older filehosts who have been paying for a long time is less risky. If you do not get the payment at the time of the scam the high rate of the scam site, then the pai los! Download crazy people want all the benefits free. If you can make them happy, you'll be happy too. chose Hugsfilfs as a filehost because they were not forced to buy premium accounts by free users, file system limits, IP Limits, speed caps, or resume. Hiujaphailasa  of the details, you can read the last year writing the tune t
3. Patience is the biggest challenge in the beginning. Gradually popularize yourself - the number of downloads will increase, with your income!
4. Target the downloader from USA, UK. The amount of $ 2 download will come from Bangladesh, 25 dollars from those two countries! You can understand the difference huge. Share files to get downloads from those countries, in foreign international forums like warezbb . You will find many more such offers forums. My suggestion is to create a brand stand by sharing regular files in multiple forums. Once you get popularity then you will not have to look back - by oath!